An Experienced & Knowledgeable Specialist

An Experienced & Knowledgeable Specialist

An Experienced & Knowledgeable Specialist

Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in Charleston, SC

When you are looking for a seamless recovery from joint replacement, look no further than Dr. John J. McCrosson. As a joint replacement surgeon in Charleston, SC, he is known for the quality of his hip and knee replacement services. He is an expert in direct anterior approach for hip replacements, Stryker Mako Robotic-Assisted knee replacements, and same-day discharge outpatient hip and knee replacements for appropriate candidates.

Liberating You from Pain

Don’t let joint pain or the fear of a complicated recovery hold you back from living your best life. Whether you’re an athlete, an older adult, or a long-time laborer, you can restore function and relieve discomfort with treatment from John J. McCrosson, M.D. As a highly experienced surgeon, he has the skills to deliver comprehensive specialty care that supports a stress-free recovery.

His goal in every joint replacement surgery is restoring freedom to his patients. You deserve to live your life without the restrictions that come with a bad knee or hip. Stay fit, keep doing the activities you love, and maintain your mobility with a new joint that empowers you to keep tackling challenges, day by day, and step by step.

Trust Our Specialist for Exceptional Care

Whether you need to address the deteriorating condition of an old sports injury or ensure that old age doesn’t get in the way of spending time with your family, you’ll find the highest standard of quality when you choose our specialist. Dedicated to the art of both knee and hip replacement, Dr. McCrosson is the right professional to help you. No matter how complex the procedure, you can get the care you need with confidence when you’re ready to put old pains and limitations behind you.

By listening to you and guiding you through all your options, he and his team ensure that you’re ready to make smart decisions about your procedure. In addition, they stand by you through your recovery, making themselves available to address any potential complications. That means less anxiety and fewer obstacles between you and what matters most--getting the hip or knee replacement you need.

Knee Replacement Charleston, SC

Knee Replacement

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