Restore Mobility with Hip Replacement in Charleston, SC

It’s time to bid farewell to hip and joint pain. Visit John J. McCrosson, M.D. for hip replacement in Charleston, SC. Thanks to his skill, experience, and patient-first approach, you will discover how easy it is to regain your mobility and sense of freedom.

Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure that replaces the bone and cartilage in the ball and socket joint. The “ball,” which is the top of the femur, is replaced with a metal or ceramic ball. Meanwhile, the “socket” is replaced with a plastic or ceramic cup. There are many advantages to having this procedure. The notable benefits include:

  • Reduction in Pain
  • Ability to Participate in Physical Activities
  • Removal of Diseased or Degenerated Bone

See if Hip Surgery Is Right for You

You deserve to do the things you once enjoyed. By choosing Dr. McCrosson, you will gain the assistance you need to restore your mobility and live free from pain. Dr. McCrosson is a seasoned hip and joint replacement surgeon. He can identify whether you are a strong candidate for this procedure, and then provide the treatment that is appropriate for your situation. 

The most likely candidates for a hip replacement may be individuals who are suffering from osteoarthritis. Other factors might come into play, such as age, and also the condition of the bones and connecting tissue which comprise the ball and socket joint.

 Restoring your hip begins with a consultation. Request an appointment with Dr. McCrosson to learn if you are a good candidate for hip and joint replacement.